Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT)

When we talk about TRT, we are discussing the medical use of testosterone. It is not about using testosterone for boosting sports performance. For women, post-menopausal hormonal therapy is commonly used. However, the hormonal problem in men remains neglected.

In recent times, there is an emerging concept of andropause. Testosterone levels fall in men with aging, quite like fall in estrogen levels in women. In women, the sudden hormonal decline is called menopause; in men, it is named andropause. Unlike menopause in women, andropause is more gradual and slow process. It means that every year there is a small decline of about 1% in the levels of testosterone, after the age of 40.

However, individual differences are immense among men. In some, there is not much faster decline with age. In some men, this decline in testosterone levels may come as early as in the mid-30s.

How can a person know about low testosterone?

As men grow old, they start experiencing various signs of low testosterone like;

Reduced interest in sex along with poor sexual performance. Fewer early morning erections, and infertility. Can also affect bodybuilding output work.
Sleep disorder- low testosterone often causes insomnia in men.
Physical changes- increased body fat, weakening of bones and muscles, tender breast, body hair loss, chronic fatigue.
Emotional distress- changes in mood, reduced enthusiasm and self-confidence. Some men may feel depressed for no apparent reason.

It is also worth remembering that low testosterone is not only caused by aging. As we grow old, we develop medical conditions like diabetes, and so on. It also means that we take more medications like drugs to treat blood pressure. Many of the commonly used medications are known to reduce testosterone levels.

Can testosterone help me feel young again?

To some extent, yes, but it depends on the reasons that make you feel old. Testosterone replacement therapy may boost your libido, may make you feel energetic, but only if all this is due to low levels of the hormone.

TRT would help best when used along with treatment of other health issues. Exercise along with TRT may also help reduce depression, insomnia, and help feel better.

Should I start TRT?

It should only be started after medical consultations. After 40ies, a person is at higher risk of specific side effects. TRT may worsen sleep apnea. It may enlarge breast. It may fasten hair loss (male pattern baldness), it is also bad for prostate health. It increases the risk of clot formation. Generally, TRT should be started only after complete health checkup.

On the encouraging side, TRT can make you feel better. For some people living with chronic fatigue, muscle wasting, and depression TRT may offer a life-changing experience.

There is one more final thing to know. Unlike the use of testosterone for enhancing athletic performance, doses used in TRT are much lower. It means that TRT is still much safer. There are numerous clinical trials to support its safety and use. You can also check our online store if you plan to buy anabolic steroids online.

Further, in TRT it is more comfortable to use long-acting forms of testosterone. It does not make sense taking a daily tablet when a weekly shot would suffice.