How does Opiates & Kratom make you high?

Opiates acts on the opioid receptors that are present in the brain and body and are of three types named as MU, DELTA, and KAPPA.

Mu receptors are known as being majorly responsible for the pleasurable effects of the opiates and, they provide pain killing effects.

Opioid acts on the limbic system within the brain that controls our emotions and promotes the feelings of relaxation, pleasure and contentment.

These drugs are also known to work on the brainstem reducing respiratory rate, cough and alleviating pain along with other problems like restlessness.

Comparison between Opiates and Kratom

Opiates and Kratom have been in use since thousands of years and today everyone knows what Kratom and Opiates are.

Kratoms are known to have high potency and efficiency and can cause intense euphoria and stimulation which makes the taker high without any discomfort.

Majority of users that has taken Kratom said that they liked it better than Opiates.

Opiates are stronger than Kratom as they start showing effects quite faster than Kratom which normally takes above 10 to 15 minutes to show effects.

Kratom is said to produce better euphoria rather than Opiates which don’t produce much but effects faster.

The strength in Opiates is gradually higher than Kratom if compared however, if we look from other plus side then Kratom tends to have less abuse potential unlike Opiates which makes people addictive on its first intake.

Heroin when injected causes quick effects and produces high but it is harmful for the body whereas when Kratom is injected or taken it’s shows effects later than Opiates.

Effects of Kratom High when used:

Kratom can cause array of effects like Analgesia, Stimulation, Sedation, Relaxations, Euphoria and many other.


Kratom can produce intense stimulation if it’s taken in small doses. This stimulation helps one in getting high.

The stimulus provided by Kratom is like that of obtained from Opiates, but the reviews on this topic are variable as not every Kratom can produce intense stimulation only few can.

Among the one that can produce intense stimulation is Red Maeng Da which is known for producing maximum stimulation.


Kratom alters the pain inside the human body and its pathway by releasing endorphins and enkephalins which then induces it inside.

This action of Kratom is quite like that of Opiates. Therefore, Kratom is mostly taken by those patients who are suffering from ailments that involves unbearable pain.

These may include patients that suffer from cancer, bone fractures and various other bone diseases.


Sedation is caused only when higher doses of Kratom is taken.

This effect is helpful for those who are insomniac and have painful conditions due to which they cannot sleep, and it can be helpful for them, but the same effect can be dangerous and cause life-threatening consequences if one is driving or need attention during some task.


Due to the stimulant effect that is combined with anti-stress effect, Kratom produces happiness and the mellowness produced from Kratom allows one to become social and boosts confidence when meeting or talking with other people in public.


Kratom provides relaxation at high doses. White strains of Kratom are known to produce relaxation. Read how to search kratom on sale.