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We are De ( head chef/baker), Imani ( homeopathic holistic healer – basically this kid makes sure it does what it says on the tin!). Then last but certainly not least, we have JayJory, well he makes sure all is a dandy as can be:).

We are a small newly founded business, registered with companies house and we want to build our brand on customer loyalty and offer innovated cbd products which are of a superior quality, yet affordable.

We are a fun bunch our motto is the highest quality- lowest price and put your money where your mouth is- we reward loyalty- you are going to enjoy shopping with us…..what makes us so sure of that?

Well, we reward loyalty ….by actions not words, which means if we get out the right side of the bed that morning, this is more often then not- well you may receive a random free gift with your order.















we love CBD and all things natural….watch this space for our very exciting product range. thank you so much for visiting and read below….for more info

Here at De-finest Natural CBD, we recognized the many healing benefits that are contained in the blooms of nature. We have a trained and homeopathic healer on our team (IMANI)who knows a lot about herbs, holistic healing and spirituality in general, we have a chef/baker( Jory) ,so stay tuned for some exciting stuff. As we expand so will the range of holistic products we offer to you our loyal and valued customer.

The Chinese believe that to achieve balance in our lives we need to first obtain balance within our mind, body and soul. De-Finest full spectrum CBD products have a multitude of health benefits that are not only beneficial for the mind and body but for the soul as well. At De-finest we put quality FIRST.



The legal stuff!

de- finest cbd dietary supplements are legal and full spectrum CBD/hemp based only all our products contain less than the legal limit of THS (which is the cannabinoid that gives you the high effect!). CBD(hemp) which are the main ingredients in all our CBD based products, CBD/HEMP is not listed in the convention on psychotropic substances that the united nations designed to control psychoactive drugs.
We source all our product from reputable suppliers , hemp has been grown all across the world from India, Europe, the states and the east for over 1000’s of years.


The marijuana plant contains over 60 cannabinoids and cbd is one of them, the extracts we sell come from suppliers who farm cbd /hemp plants and then extract the whole product. this is what gives de-finest products their premium quality. this is because you get more health benefits for your money and at the end of the day this is what all consumers want, quality products with the most savings.

CBD use is rapidly growing across the world it is being used in many forms including tropical creams, vaping liquids and tinctures to name a few.

CBD is not illegal this is because it contains less than the legal limit of TCH.

De-Finest Natural CBD Dietary supplements have been specially formulated and all our products ar full spectrum extractions- please see front page image. De-finest products do not replace any other medication that you may be taking and we advise you seek medical advice before you start to use our products. De-Finest Natural CBD contains the purest and natural ingredients.

We have searched high and low all over UK, Europe and the USA to find the right suppliers who first and foremost ensure the highest quality control but also offer value because we really want to pass our savings on to our customers as well as offering a premium and superior product. The health Benefits of CBD are countless and the picture below depicts some of the main ones.

CBD is one of the most abundant chemical compounds in the cannabis plant and represents at least 40% of our extras the only other product we use is Vegetable Glycerin the grade we use is all natural and extracted from plant oils. We use this product for the taste and the sweetness and our test group overall preferred this product over the other extraction methods.

The suppliers we use extraction process is a 28 day process and includes freezing the extraction for at least 48 hours then they follow another set of procedures that take another 26 days. It is for this reason that De-Finest natural CBD is a premium . We use the suppliers we use because we noticed that full spectrum CBD product’s have a superior taste over other methods we tried and tested.

Unlike THC –Tetrahydrocannabinol, CBD is completely non-psychoactive. CBD will not get you high.

CBD is proven to relax you without intoxicating you like THC. All cannabinoids attach themselves to the natural receptors we all have in our individual bodies. In fact each of us humans naturally produces certain cannabinoids ourselves within our own bodies.

EACH PERSON HAS A CB1 AND CB2 receptor in their brain your Cb1 receptor aids vision, perception, coordination, pain management i.e. arthritis which one of our companies co founders suffer from and our product “more than helps him with his pain”- in his own words.

An individual’s Cb1 receptor also helps with mood stablisation i.e stress/ anxiety, memory function to name a few more functions of the Cb1 receptor. The Cb2 receptor is responsible for the management of each person’s immune system.

CBD helps the body produce more of its own natural cannibinoids because of our increasingly modern lifestyles a lot of us have poor immune systems, one main factor of this is lack of sleep and too much stress!

This is why we have formulated a 1500mg product as we found this to be an effective dosage that gives optimum and peak health benefits helping your body produce more of its own natural cannabinoids.

There is a lot of information on the internet about CBD, if you feel you need more information and we will provide links under the link section to other information that you may find beneficial.

Thanks for taking the time to read all this and thanks in advance for become a customer. Here at De-finest natural CBD dietary supplements, we value customer loyalty and we regularly reward our loyal customers with products not Junk emails!!!

We use only natural ingredients in our products sourced from reputable companies because premium quality and customer satisfaction is highly important to ourselves.


CBD can be taken into the body in a number of ways healing balms, vape pens ,dripper system- tinctures, mixed into food or drinks, nebulisers or capsules. There is no dosage limit at such but each person should slowly increase their dosage to find their own personal limit as we all have our own individual yin and yang- balancing point.

Always seek medical advice if you are on any medications.

Why should you buy from us?

We put our customer first from the day this idea was conceived we have do the utmost to source top quality products that offer the most benefits to our customer at the lowest prices.

We will always reward customer loyalty and as we expand we will not forget the clientèle, that helped build us from the bottom up. I know all companies say this but we will prove ourselves as we go along and we aim to reward all our repeat customers every 5th purchase, so we are literally putting our money where our mouth is, so never be afraid to call us out of this if we forget as you will get more free stuff!

All our products are from reputable sources and are lab tested by our suppliers to ensure authenticity and compound ratios- basically to make sure there CBD in our products and there is!

Please note our products and our statements online are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease and you should always seek medical advice if in any doubt.

Our products offer you more! For your money and at the end of the day this is what all consumers want, quality products with the most savings. We reward customer loyalty here at de-finest, please check out about page and shop pages for more details.

Always consult your doctor before using our products. click here to buy cbd extract online ,  cbd oil, hemp ol, cbd capsules, cbd balms now